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C series



The company's products are branded with "Yiren", which is a well-known trademark in Jiangsu Province.

The main products are divided into two series: yarn and cloth: the yarn is mainly polyester-cotton blended, pure cotton yarn, bleached yarn, AB yarn, and slub yarn; grey cloth is mainly used for casual wear, workwear, functional fabrics, and army camouflage.

Description & Specification
T65/C35 16-45S
C60/T40 16-45S
C60/T40 21-40S
Carded C bamboo 8-32S
Carded C60/T40 slub 8-32S
Carded T65/C35 bamboo 8-32S
Carded C60/T40 AB 16-40S
Carded C50/T50 AB 16-40S

Description & Specification
Poplin:63" C40×C40 133×100 Poplin:663" C40×C40 133×72
Poplin:663" JC50×50 144×80 Poplin:663" T/C 21×0ET/C21 100×50
Poplin:663" T/C 45×T/C45 133×72 Poplin:663" C/T 45×C/T45 133×72
Poplin:663" T/C 45×45 110×76 Poplin:663" C/T 45×45 110×76
Yarn card:663" 0EC16×0E12 108×56 Yarn card:663" 0EC21×C16 128×60
Yarn card:663" T/C21×0E T/C21 108×58 Yarn card:663"T/C21×0E T/C16 120×60
Yarn card:663" C/T21×0E C/T16 120×60 Twill:663" C32×C32 130×70
Twill:663" T/C32×T/C32 130×70 Twill:663" C/T32×C/T32 130×70
Twill:667" C32×0EC21 133×78 Twill:678" 0E16×C16/70D 90×40

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